David H. and Mary F. Tewksbury Family Association

The Tewksbury House.

The purpose of the Association shall be to perpetuate the memory of David H. and Mary F. Tewksbury by forming a closer bond of friendship and cooperation among the descendants and their spouses and to maintain the homestead known as Windhaven.

Membership in the Association is open to any direct descendant of David H. and Mary F. Tewksbury, their spouses and children, whether natural, adopted or stepchildren.


If you are interested in joining the association or learning more please contact the vice president Danina DiBattista at tewksburyvicepresident@gmail.com.

Recent News and Notes

Raven Anai King was born on May 12, 2022 becoming the newest member of the descendants of Seldon Tewksbury May Birthday Club.  Her parents are Karina and Zachary King.  Her paternal grandmother is Jess Robertson.  Her paternal great grandfather was Wesley Robertson, Sr.  Her paternal great great grandmother was Virginia Robertson.  Her paternal great great great grandmother was Mary Fullam and her paternal great great great great grandfather was E. Seldon Tewksbury.

Dr. Edwin Seldon Davis graduated from Rocky Vista University on May 14, 2022.  He will be doing a Family Medicine Residency at Comanche County Memorial Hospital in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Seldon’s parents are Bond Davis and Louise Grigg.  His paternal grandmother was Jean Davis,  His paternal great grandfather was E. Seldon Tewksbury.

✨ Countdown to 100! ✨

from the 100th Anniversary Committee

     This July we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first official Tewksbury Family Reunion held at Windhaven in 1922.  Spending time with family was very important to Mary Frances Tewksbury and we are thrilled to be celebrating this very important milestone.  Reunion has expanded over the years from a one-day event held the Sunday closest to Mary’s birthday to a weekend long celebration with folks arriving on Friday ready to relax and hang out.  Whether you can join us for the day, the weekend or even longer we hope everyone will mark their calendar and join us the weekend of July 15 – 17, 2022.

     Accommodations are a concern for folks that have to travel a distance.  Although there’s limited bedroom space in the house, there’s lots of room to pitch a tent or to park a travel trailer on the property.  If you are staying on the property you may be doing some of your cooking in the kitchen or on the outdoor grill. 

Inasmuch as the common trait in the Tewksbury family is "all things run on food", three communal meals are being planned.  Friday night the grills will be lit for a BYO cookout.  Be sure to save room for dessert as a "Pie Board" will also be available.  Saturday night will be the communal Taco night followed by ice cream sundaes and s'mores.   Sunday morning will bring the communal breakfast until 10 am after which kitchen will prepare for lunch.  The annual reunion potluck picnic is called for noon.  Please plan to bring a dish to share.  A "cup" 100th anniversary cake is planned for dessert but if you don't care for cake, bring a dessert to share too.   More complete information with sign up sheets will be forthcoming closer to reunion weekend.

     The program committee has been working since last September to plan a weekend that will offer something for everyone including time to sit under the trees and catch up with family doings or to participate in more physical activities such as mountain climbing, hiking or kayaking.  While we have a lot of ideas, we would love to have your input too.  Please let us know if there is something that you would like to see added.  You can reach the program committee directly at tewksbury100anniversary@gmail.com.

     The children will have a designated play area.  The horseshow pit will be waiting and both structured and pickup games of all kinds for the young and young at heart will be available.  When you arrive for the weekend pick up an area activity list which will include information on local farmers’ markets, shops and the nearby trails, ponds and mountain tops.

     Weather permitting there should be the annual fireworks display after dark on Saturday night followed by age-appropriate ghost stories in the cemetery across the road.

Saturday Night Fireworks

Help us get organized!

Instead of individual donations of fireworks, we would like to make a single purchase.  If you are interested in contributing to the Fireworks Fund or volunteer to assist in setting up and running the show please contact the reunion committee.

100th Reunion Anniversary FUNraiser

… and the FUN begins!  This is not your typical 50/50 raffle.

The winning ticket will be drawn at the annual family reunion picnic on July 17, 2022.  If all the tickets are sold, the lucky winner will get $500.00 (or half of the money collected if not all are sold.)  BUT if the winner is present at the drawing, they will get the entire pot! 

Tickets are now on sale for this FUNraiser.  Thirty tickets have been sold so far.  If the specific ticket number you want is still available you may request it!  An anonymous family member has issued a CHALLENGE.  After the initial 180 tickets are sold, they will purchase the last 20!

Maximum of 200 tickets will be sold at $5.00 each.

Contact Pearle Butler to purchase tickets:

Phone (802-433-9862)

Text (802-793-3793)

Email (danprlebutler@aol.com)

100th Reunion Anniversary Commemorative Merchandise Sale

A big thank you for everyone who supported the association by purchasing T-shirts and Hoodies.  A total of 64 items were ordered raising $880.00  for the Maintenance Fund.

Contact Jess Robertson if you have any questions.    jessrobertsonking@gmail.com

A Passing to Note

We are saddened to report that Charlotte Tewksbury died on April 6, 2022.  Charlotte served as secretary for the Family Association for ten years from 1991-2001.  Click to read the full obituary.



Spring Cleanup Day

Saturday, May 21, 2022

9 am - 5 pm

Virtual Summer Board Meeting

June 29, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Virtual Association Annual Meeting

Sunday, July 10, 2022

4:00 PM Eastern via Zoom

Annual Family Reunion Picnic

Come for the weekend!

July 17, 2022


2022 Barn Work Schedule

The 2022 barn project will begin at the end of May and if the weather cooperates hopefully will be completed by the end of July.  Bond is looking for two volunteers each of the designated work Saturdays.  Sunday will serve as rain days as needed.  Please contact Bond at tewksburytreasurer@gmail.com if you can help.  Workers are asked to bring work gloves, their own hammer, a bag lunch and water to drink.  All workdays start at 9 AM.

DateScope of WorkHelp Needed

May 28

May 29 rain date

Strip bottom 5 feet of end wall

Rebuild bottom 4 feet of the wall

(sill, studs, tar paper, new siding)

Need 2 volunteers

June 11

June 12 rain date

Strip next 8 feet of the end wall

Rebuild the wall

(sill, studs, tar paper, new siding, reinstall the windows)

Need 2 volunteers

June 25

June 26 rain date

Strip top portion of end wall

Rebuild the wall

(studs, new siding, exterior corner trim)

Will need scaffolding for work platform 9 feet above ground level or man-lift

Need 2 volunteers

July 9

Strip end wall next to the house

Rebuild the wall

(studs, tar paper, new siding)

Build a new door and exterior corner trim

Need 2 volunteers

July 23

July 24 rain date


Need 2 volunteers

Potential for August 6 and August 20 if additional days are required to complete the work.

Scope of the 2022 Maintenance Projects

Despite the Herculean efforts of Bond Davis and Neil Kelley the barn restoration could not be completed in one summer.  Both end walls of the barn will need to be fixed and the windows restored.

  • rotted exterior walls
  • the end wall window frames

Additional exterior work items:

  • replace the asphalt shingles on the well house
  • replace the glazing compound and paint all the windows in the house


To read the Building Audit click to download.

Please consider making a donation to help cover the cost of the supplies.  (Go to Dues and Donation page)

Recent Donations to the Association

Cheryl Davis in memory of Don Garrepy

Thea Gaudette

Jess & Nate Gidding (website sponsors)

John Harrison Turner

Marjorie Bessel in memory of Patricia Tewksbury Bessel

Eileen & Oliver Evans

Bob & Laura Tewksbury

Daphne Turner

Lee & Lisa Tewksbury in memory of Charlotte Tewksbury

Cheryl Davis in memory of Charlotte Tewksbury

Neil Kelley

Jess Robertson

Mary Frances and David Henry Tewksbury

Portrait of Mary Frances Langley

Mary Frances Langley

Mary was born July 18, 1846 to Andrew “Blacksmith” Langley and Lois Sanborn in N. Wilmot, NH. They lived on the Piper Pond Road. Mary’s occupation was listed as a school teacher when she was married to David Henry Tewksbury on July 18, 1866 by his stepfather Rev John M. L. Babcock in Springfield, NH.

To raise extra money Mary would knit toes and heels into socks from the Sulloway Hosiery Mill in Franklin, NH for $0.20 per dozen pair. Once the mill found a way to knit on the toes and heels in two parts, Mary would sew the parts together with a darning needle with a designated stitch with yarn furnished by the mill. For this she was paid $0.10 a dozen pairs.

Sheep were raised on the farm and some wool was sold and some was cleaned, carded at the mill and shaped into balls. Mary would spin the wool into yarn and knit mittens and socks. Mary was a consummate reciter of poetry from memory. She had great musical ability and a splendid alto voice. She liked to go berry picking barefoot for any kind of berries. She would make pies and gems for breakfast and berries and milk for supper.

Tradition tells us that Mary would mark her pies with TM. For the mince pies, it meant “tis mince” and for the other pies it meant “taint  mince.” Some of her descendants continue this tradition at Thanksgiving.

Seldon said the children referred to Mary as Marm.  Mary died January 5, 1929 in Manchester, NH. She is buried in the Tewksbury Cemetery in N. Wilmot, NH.

Portrait of David Henry Tewksbury

David Henry Tewksbury

David was born to Miriam Tewksbury and Israel Perrin on January 26, 1844.  His parents were married February 26, 1842. It was discovered that Israel was already married and they separated. David was adopted by his grandfather, Henry Tewksbury, Jr. His mother married Reverend John Martin Luther Babcock, a Free Will Baptist minister and a widower with a child, Martha Anna Babcock on April 5, 1849. He had four half siblings, Lilla Babcock, Sophia Babcock, Charles S. Babcock and Milton Babcock.

David served in the 4th Regiment NH Volunteer during the Civil War. The rheumatism he suffered later in life was thought to be related to sleeping on the ground during the war. In the 1860’s and 1870’s he worked as a section hand on the railroad. On the farm, David kept a few sheep and used oxen to work the land. David planted potatoes, corn and beans for the family to use and some to sell or swap for groceries. They also grew watermelons and muskmelons.

Blanche remembered her father as a hard working man, really talented in some respects having had few educational advantages. He had a fine talent for dramatic lines and was very generous. Buy a bushel of potatoes from him and he would throw in a peck for good measure. Blanche says he had a musical ear but couldn’t carry a tune. Some of her older siblings spoke of him as being a bit severe in discipline but to Blanche he was always gentle and jovial. David liked to dress up and play Santa Claus at Christmas.

David married Mary Frances Langley on July 18, 1866. He worked as a farmer most of his life. He died April 13, 1897 and is buried in the Tewksbury Cemetery in N. Wilmot, NH.

Maude, Mary, Gertrude, Blanche and Bertha at the old schoolhouse
Mary's grandchildren in 1916
Seldon, Gertrude, Blanche, Mary, Bertha, Carl and Harry in 1916

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